We all wear masks to hide our fears and struggles. But for the thousands of children we see at The Children's Center, those masks disguise neglect and abuse, trauma and hurt. Sometimes years of it.

The mask above tells one such story.


It was created by a young boy suffering from depression. He lived with his mother, father, and two sisters. The father often took illegal substances, which led to spousal abuse and disruption in the home.

The boy feared he would become like his father. He talked of feeling weak, helpless, of becoming a failure by not protecting his mother. He acted out in school, fought often, and experienced several suspensions.

He made the mask with one of our art therapists, molding it directly to his face. He explained that the dark base of the mask was how he felt, as if he were a shadow, powerless. The gold sequins were to hide his true self, so as not to worry his mother. His means of protecting her was to act as if nothing bothered him. The feathers were an afterthought of how he wanted to fly away with his mother and never look back.

At The Children's Center, our goal is to help children get beyond the mask. To help them heal and cope from the harsh realities and hurt they face, and equip them with the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Removing the mask

The fiscal year ending September 2012 brought many exciting milestones in our nearly 85 years of service to children and families in Greater Detroit.

The Children's Center Head Start Academy opened in Northwest Detroit, providing early learning opportunities to 300 children ages 3 to 5. Equally exciting was strengthening these young families through parent enrichment programs such as our Fatherhood Initiative. We know the investments we made in getting these children off to a healthy start will pay long-term dividends in their developmental and academic success.

Our after-hours Crisis Care Center opened on our main campus in Midtown Detroit; expanding our ability to serve children and families in crises, and divert them from costly emergency room care and hospitalization.

And true to our roots, we provided more than 7,500 children and their families with evidence- based mental health and trauma-informed clinical care to heal the hurt and maximize each child's ability to grow into a successful adult.

That's what our work is all about; helping each and every courageous child we serve to remove the mask of their mental health or behavioral health issues, and to empower them to shape their own futures. We are grateful for our many supporters who join us in this work on behalf of children and families.

Debora Matthews

President & CEO

John Dunn

Board Chair

Year in review: Milestones

Our 2011-2012 report reflects on the positive impact The Children's Center has had on thousands of vulnerable children and families over the past year.


Our Crisis Care Center opened in February 2011. We saw demand quickly grow, and as a result, extended our hours of operation from 8am-8pm to 8am-12am. Our Crisis Care Center diverts more than 75% of the children seeking crisis care from costly hospitalization. We've also been able to reduce repeat hospital visits due to our timely clinical follow-up, which happens within 24-48 hours of discharge with every single child we see.

On Legislative Day in May 2012, The Children's Center transported 80 parents, guardians and children to Lansing. Participants learned about our State legislative process on the Senate and House floors. They enjoyed visits with Senators and Representatives, and shared their personal stories of success and challenge, while encouraging continued support and funding. The Children's Center also played a significant role in the passage of autism insurance legislation (see story on page 13), a tremendous victory for more than 15,000 Michigan children. Our families with autistic children were present to voice their concerns and observe the legislative process in the Senate.

In September 2012, The Children's Center Head Start Academy opened its doors to children aged 3 to 5 living in Northwest Detroit. At the end of the first school year, we're proud to cite many successes. We helped 68 children successfully transition to kindergarten. These children can recognize letters of the alphabet and several words. Many children who were previously nonverbal gained critical social skills. In addition, some of our children went to Washington D.C. to attend the Rosa Parks dedication service— and even met President Obama. Another program, our Fatherhood Initiative, engaged 137 fathers or male caregivers, encouraging and celebrating their participation in their children's lives. We also helped several families stabilize by connecting them to affordable housing and utilities assistance.

In October 2012, we launched an integrated health collaboration with Advantage Health Centers (AHC). AHC moved onto our main campus at 79 W. Alexandrine to provide families easier access to pediatric health care, avert medical and psychiatric deterioration in at-risk children and offer preventative health care solutions. AHC has a solid history of providing primary health care services to the medically underserved. It offers care to everyone, regardless of insurance status.


"Children are the future of Detroit. If we're going to heal Detroit, we must first heal the children."


Healthy body, Healthy mind

A healthy child has a healthy body and a healthy mind. At The Children's Center, we believe you can't have one without the other. So, we treat mental, behavioral, and physical health—the whole child—on one campus.


A healthy child has a healthy body and a healthy mind. At The Children's Center, we believe you can't have one without the other. So, we treat mental, behavioral, and physical health—the whole child—on one campus.

That means our doctors and counselors work together as a team to meet our families' needs. Every screening, evaluation, and appointment for doctor care or mental health services takes place in one location. For families, that saves on drive time, gas, and coordinating time off work.

The impact of total care

Over the past fiscal year, The Children's Center has broadened its services and helped to influence legislation that makes total care possible.

The case studies on the following pages demonstrate the unique and inspiring ways our doctors, clinicians, and psychiatrists are bringing better care to the children of Detroit.

Giving children a good head start

One of the best ways to ensure that young children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a chance to succeed in life is through Head Start programs.


Studies have shown that children enrolled in early educational programs are more likely to succeed academically and have less socio-behavioral problems, than children who don't have similar opportunities.

The challenge

The 48219 area of Detroit is one of many neighborhoods struggling to provide adequate early educational opportunities for children. The Children's Center created a Head Start Academy to address both the educational needs of the neighborhood and provide value-added mental health and community services.

The solution

The Children's Center opened the doors to its first Head Start Academy in the 48219 area on September 26, 2012, providing a HighScope curriculum and a learning environment that nurtures mental, emotional, and physical development.

The impact

Research shows that children who participate in HighScope preschool programs have higher earnings, are more likely to hold a steady job, commit fewer crimes, and are more likely to have finished high school than those who did not attend similar preschool programs.

We're proud to provide the 48219 community with this positive educational opportunity, as well as many value-added services including:

  • Access to mental health services, onsite clinicians, speech therapists, and case managers
  • Health fairs for adults, including healthy cooking classes, clothing and food drives, well-being and beauty care
  • Fatherhood engagement programs with leadership and decision-making committees
  • Onsite dental services for children and adults

Currently the school is fully enrolled with 286 students. We strive to have a significant impact on the 48219 neighborhood as a safe haven for children to learn, grow, and thrive.

To learn more, watch video
Providing critical care in a crisis

When children experience a sudden emotional crisis, families often turn to the hospital emergency room as their first source of care.


For these children, the hospital experience can compound their emotional distress: wait times are often long, the nature of the environment causes additional anxiety, and the child might not receive the appropriate level of clinical care. It can also be exorbitantly expensive and a drain on hospital resources.

The challenge

The Children's Center sought to create an alternative to the ER, where children and families could receive immediate and proper care in a emotional or behavioral crisis ortrauma situation.

The solution

The Children's Center established a Crisis Center in February 2012. The Crisis Center, which is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to midnight, is a safe, comfortable environment that provides an immediate walk-in alternative to the ER for children's mental and emotional crises.

The impact

Since its inception, the Crisis Center has serviced more than 100 children and families, and set the following benchmarks:

  • Access to immediate care. A child can be seen, diagnosed, and treated in as few as two hours, as opposed to nearly five hours in the hospital.
  • Fewer in-patient hospitalizations. Prior to the existence of the Crisis Care Center, 80% of children in crisis who were seen in hospitals were admitted. The Children's Center is dedicated to providing the proper care while diverting costly or unnecessary hospital stays. Since its inception, only 29% of the children seen by our Crisis Care Center have required in-patient hospital care.
  • Better allocation of costs. The average hospital stay hovers around $5,700. For the same amount, children can receive outpatient services at The Children's Center and get access to every single service on campus for a month.
  • Professional follow-up. Whereas hospital care might begin and end in a single visit, The Children's Center issues a 24-hour follow-up call and provides a thorough course of aftercare.

Currently the school is fully enrolled with 286 students. We strive to have a significant impact on the 48219 neighborhood as a safe haven for children to learn, grow, and thrive.

To learn more, watch video
Fighting for children with autism

In Michigan alone, more than 15,000 children suffer from some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


This year more children will be diagnosed with ASD than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined. It's become an epidemic—and an expensive one to treat.

The challenge

In 2012, the state of Michigan joined 34 other states in passing legislation guaranteeing insurance coverage for ASD. However, no provisions had been established for those children covered by Medicaid.

With behavioral therapies for ASD beginning at $10,000/year, many ASD children who sought services from The Children's Center were unable to receive the interventions necessary to properly treat their disorder.

The solution

The Children's Center established a Crisis Center in February 2012. The Crisis Center, which is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to midnight, is a safe, comfortable environment that provides an immediate walk-in alternative to the ER for children's mental and emotional crises.

The impact

With the passing of this legislation, more than 1,600 children with autism are expected to be treated in the next year. Many will receive comprehensive evidenced-based therapies at The Children's Center.

Dr. Brooklier notes that in short time since the legislation passed, she has seen an increase in the number of younger children receiving treatment, which gives her hope.

"More than 70% of the kids we treat early are able to transition into the general mainstream and remain there," she says. "That's a great outcome for everyone involved."

To learn more, watch video
Our clinicians help heal the hurt

"Several children come to us frightened and traumatized from homes devastated by mental and physical abuse and neglect. We use art therapy as a way to help children identify and understand the source of their pain. Then we can help them begin the healing process."

- Cindy Read, Art Therapist, MEd, ATR-BC, SW

"Being a clinician at The Children's Center allows me to meet with troubled children and families, listen without judgment, and work with them toward solutions that positively impact their daily lives."

- Katherine Strohl, LLPC, Clinician, P.A.C.E. Program

"In my work with hurting children and youth, my job becomes one of a visionary, who helps them to realize their potential and work through the pain to move them forward."

- Holly Snell, LLMSW, CTS, Clinician, Foster Care Clinical Program

"One of my responsibilities is to ensure that parents understand their child's diagnosis and recognize that the symptoms of that diagnosis are not who the child is; the child cannot help it. We offer hope for the future."

- Lisa Weber, Clinician, General Outpatient

"Families come into our office so overwhelmed and sometimes feeling helpless. Many have sad faces and ask, 'Where did I go wrong?' or 'What did I do to cause this problem?' It's my job to turn those frowns upside down."

- Lora Maxon, Clinician, K.I.D.D.S. Program

"Children who come to our Crisis Center are in urgent need of support. We help de-escalate the situation, actively listen with compassion and give them a voice without judgment. Just showing that someone cares is often enough to start the healing process."

- Sharon Williams, B.S.W., Care Manager, Crisis Care Center
Statement of activities
Year ended September 30, 2012
Programs are funded, in part, by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority through CareLink and ConsumerLink, Wayne County Health & Family Services Head Start, and by the Michigan Department of Human Services.
Program demographics and statistics

More than 100,000 children in Greater Detroit are vulnerable to the effects of mental health disorders, abuse, neglect and poverty.


Together with our community partners, The Children's Center offers solutions that address the mental and behavioral health, physical health, abuse and neglect, and developmental disability challenges currently faced by tens of thousands of Detroit children.

1 in 5 children have a diagnosable mental disorder
Less than 50% of greater Detroit's children arrive to kindergarten ready-to-learn
Every 28 seconds a child is placed in foster care
Every 18 minutes a child is abused or neglected
Autism is the fastest growing diagnosis in the country: 1 in 50 children (1 in 33 for boys)
Volunteer leadership

There was no one more dedicated than our beloved board member Frank Couzens III, who passed away September 19, 2012. Frank was the great-grandson of The Children's Center Founder, Senator James Couzens.


In addition to his board service, Frank was Senior Vice President of Marketing for Jackson Dawson Communications. He was respected and appreciated by team members throughout Jackson Dawson and Ford Motor Company alike, for his unwavering loyalty, intuitive finesse, and dedication. He was regarded as a passionate leader by everyone who worked with him. The concept of working "shoulder to shoulder" was a philosophy he affirmed and embraced.

This fiscal year was an economically challenging time throughout the region. We are grateful to our dedicated board members for their passion, discipline, and leadership — guiding us successfully through the year without compromising our long-term vision.

John J. Dunn, Chair
Renee Prewitt, Chair-Elect
Gaylord Creedon
Charles Edmonson
Denise A. Fleckenstein
Glen W. Flowers
Elena A. Ford
Tina V. Ford
Lisa V. Ford
Anthony A. Foust
Daniel M. Frank
Stacey A. Gray
Robert A. Karbel, Esq.
Chui Karega, Esq.
Douglas L. Maibach
David R. Reich
Erick Reickert
Douglas A. Rich
Ruth Zinn
Deborah L. Allen
Marianna Bailey
Marquita Bedway, Ph.D.
Joan Budden
Lindsey Ford Buhl
Anthony M. DiPonio
Katie Dirksen
H. Jeffrey Dobbs
Joseph W. Eatman
Wilhelmina J. Giblin
Hali Giessler
Susan R. Joseph
Joseph E. Klecha
Jason A. Lambiris
Elizabeth Luckenbach, Esq.
Marilynn Magreta
William D. Marsh
Michael V. Marston, Esq.
Rodman N. Myers, Esq.
Debora Matthews
President & CEO
George Winn
Chief Operations Officer
Robert Blumenfeld
Chief Financial Officer
Cecelia Astorga-Switzer, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Nabeleh Ghareeb
Chief Administrative & Strategy Officer
Tammy Zonker
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Thank you for sharing our passion
A message to our donors

Dear Friends: We are grateful for the care, compassion, and commitment you show our children and families.


While many of us are feeling growing hope for economic recovery throughout the region, the majority of children and families served by The Children's Center are plagued by mental illness traumatic abuse and neglect; compounded by chronic poverty.

For these vulnerable children, hope comes from knowing someone cares. Your care and compassion may show up as a new backpack stuffed with supplies, just in time for the first day of school. Your commitment may be demonstrated by your financial support of funding gaps in our evidence-based programs and services.

The hope in our children grows stronger with every therapeutic milestone they achieve. Your generosity is the source of that hope.

Thank you partnering with us in empowering more than 7,500 children and families to shape their own futures.


Tammy L. Zonker
Chief Philanthropy Officer

The Village of Giving donors

The Village of Giving is a select group of individuals and businesses that have pledged their support through a multi-year gift to The Children's Center.

Lindsey Ford Buhl and
Thomas Buhl
Marilynn and Gregory Magreta
Karen and William Pulte
Erick and Lady Susan Reickert
Jana and Stephen Brownell
Jeff Dobbs and Roshann Parris
Tina and Gordon Ford
Daniel and Patricia Frank
Denise and James Jacob
Gus Andreasen and Jennifer Zinn
Apex Digital Solutions
Cecilia Astorga-Switzer and
James Switzer
Nanci and John Ballantyne
Chris Beard and Scott Tryon
Marquita Bedway and Al LaHood
Barbara Binkley
Robert and Lori Blumenfeld
Greg Bockart
Carol Bosche' and James Wasmuth
Andrew and Lisa Boschma
Patrick Bosworth
Joan and Doug Budden
Shawn Byrnes
Robert and Sibyl Chavis
Keith and Shelly Chene
Linda Cobb-McClain and
John McClain
Helen Coleman
Comer Holdings LLC
Jill and J. Lewis Cooper
Dorothy and Raymond DeBates
Raymond DeBates III
Andrew and Linda Dunn
John and Denise Dunn
David and Sue Duprey
Chris and Karin Elias
Mary Sue and Paul Ewing
Mr. Douglas W. Ferrick
Denise Fleckenstein and
Dave Richards
Anthony and Julie Foust
Patricia and Dainforth French
Nabeleh and George Ghareeb
Stacey Gray
Antonia and Joseph Grinnan
Angela and John Hardison
Mike Heneka
Michelle and Jeff Henning
Steven and Kate Jacob
Rajendra Kanneganti
Susan and Kenneth Kirchner
Joseph Klecha
Keith Koeppen
Peter and Margaret Kross
Jason and Kelli Lambiris
Stacy LeVigne
Susan and Mark Lichterman
Liz Luckenbach
Douglas and Carole Maibach
William and Karen Marsh
Mae Martin
Debora Matthews
Nancy McClosky
Derine and Milton McCrory
MetroPCS Corporate Offices
Jeremy Modell
Greg and Tammy Moore
Joan Patrick-Morris and
Nathaniel Morris
Paige and Brian Peabody
Renee Prewitt
Douglas and Margaret Rahaim
Lisette Reed
David Reich
Kimberly Reich
Douglas and Kelly Rich
Shawn Robinson
Tina Sanders
Serena Sharer
Diana Sikes
Crystal T. Smith
Nancy Stermer
Christy Thaxton
LaShanda Thomas
Gerald and Linda Valka
Anne Vanker and Thad Mac Krell
Mary Jane Vogt
Cathy and Richard Walker
Valerie Warren
Nicole and Thomas Stallworth
Jean Wersching
Cheryl and Richard Wesen
George and Verita Winn
Dorothy and George Wrigley
Maria Young
Ruth and Frank Zinn
Tammy Zonker
A message to our corporate and community partners

We are grateful for the generous contributions of time, expertise, and financial support we receive from our philanthropy partners.


We are grateful for the generous contributions of time, expertise, and financial support we receive from our philanthropy partners. These companies and civic organizations are instrumental in ensuring the children and families we serve get the critical resources they need to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, trauma, and mental health challenges they're facing.

Each of our philanthropy partners brings enthusiasm and hope to the children and families we serve. We'd like to acknowledge three organizations that have supported The Children's Center for more than a decade, with cumulative contributions valued in excess of $1,000,000.

Ford Motor Company support dates back to 1929, when U.S. Senator James Couzens, a former General Manager of Ford Motor Company, founded the agency. Now, nearly 85 years later, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services, and members of the Ford family maintain a strong commitment to The Children's Center and the families we serve in Greater Detroit.

Microsoft Corporation has been a valuable partner of The Children's Center for many years. In 2012, Microsoft awarded an unprecedented gift of software licenses, training, and support valued in excess of $1,000,000. In addition, Microsoft employees have been passionate volunteers, donors, and advocates.

Tau Beta Association has been a generous, long-time partner in serving Greater Detroit's vulnerable children and families. Tau Beta members' passion and heart-felt benevolence for children and families in need is truly inspiring. This exceptional group provides more than 300 hours of volunteerism annually, in addition to financial support for the Tau Beta Center for Discovery, The Children's Center Head Start Academy, KIDDS Summer Camp, and CC's Boutique.

Individual and corporate donors

The following made contributions between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012. If you have made a gift and we inadvertently omitted your name or acknowledged you incorrectly, please accept our sincerest apologies and contact us.

The James Couzens Heritage Society recognizes individuals who have included The Children's Center in their estate plans.
Jane Levy Endowment Fund
Angela & John Hardison
Debora Matthews
Denise Fleckenstein
Benjamin C. Maibach, Jr. Trust*
RM Freedman Trust*
William & Karen Marsh
BENEFACTORS ($50,000+)
Ben C. Maibach, Jr. Trust
Detroit Auto Dealers Association
Elena A. Ford
Ford Motor Company
Tau Beta Association
ADVOCATES ($25,000 - 49,999)
Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.
Ford Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Lisa V. Ford and William C. Ford, Jr.
Elizabeth, Allan, and Warren
Shelden Fund
Siemens PLM Software
Summit Polymers, Inc.
FOUNDERS ($10,000 - 24,999)
Arts, Beats & Eats Foundation
BASF Corporation
Comerica Bank
Frank and Robin Couzens
Denso International America, Inc .
Detroit Lions Charities
Detroit Wine Organization
Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss
Martin and Sabrina Mayhew
Meadowbrook Insurance Group
Microsoft Corporation
Roger and Rosie Ouellette
PVS Chemicals, Inc.
Quicken Loans
Team Detroit
SUPPORTERS ($1,000 - 9,999)
3M General Offices
Adams Outdoor Advertising
Derek and Tiffany Albert
Deborah Allen
American Express
Anonymous Donations
Autism Alliance of Michigan
Jeff Baker
Katie Balesky
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Barton Malow Company
Mike and Lisa Barton
Mary and Richard Berg
Best Foundation
Melany Bigham
Larry Blackburn
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Larry Bobbitt
Michael Boyle
Maureen and Tony Bromwell
Dr. Kara Brooklier and
Michael Cummins
Jennifer and Brendan Buckley
Caesars Windsor
Ann Campbell
Tammy Capone
William R. Chapin
Denise Christy
Susan Clark
Raymond Cochran
Combined Federal Campaign
Gaylord and Betsy Creedon
Daughters of The American Revolution
Larry Denton
Dorothy Deremo
Detroit Lions Charities
James DiPaola
Dirksen Family Charitable Gift Fund
Paul Dougan
DST Industries, Inc.
Jay and Linda Eastman
Cindy Eggleton
Ewie Co., Inc.
Fifth Third Bank
Ford African Ancestory Network (FAAN)
Christine and Jeff Forester
Willette Fowler
Douglass and Betsy Fox
Vince Fulton
Michael J. Garavaglia
Wilhelmina and Paul Giblin
Tom Giftos
David and Laura Gutierrez
Tom Hafke
Colleen Haley
Hamilton Anderson Associates
Rainy Hamilton
Eric Hardy
Timothy Haubenstricker
Christopher Healy
Henry Ford Health System
Jeff Heuer
Clarence and Jack Himmel Foundation
Holden Fund
Anne and Gilbert Hudson
Richard Hyrb
Imperial Beverage
International Bridge Company
International Healthcare Consultants, Inc.
ITC Holdings Corp
Sharad and Elizabeth Jain
Linda Jamrosy
Jana Johnston
Shirley Kaigler
Kazumasa Kimura
Randy Koenigsknecht
Lawrence and Jackie Kraft
Lee Hecht Harrison
Luhtanen-Howes Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
Macquarie Equipment Finance
Macquarie Group Foundation Limited
Ryan Maibach
Stephanie and Steven Master
Mark McCauley
Paula McClellan
Patrick and Carolyn McNamara
Metro Solutions
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters
Martin and Judy Miller
Monica Miller
Deri Mitchell
Cassandra Moran
Kathleen and James Mullins
Mary and Michael Naber
Northern Trust Bank, FSB
Tom Nowland
Pitt Charitable Trust
Mary Plaisance
Polk Foundation
James Polson
Tom Porter and Anne Ballew
Rodney Prater
Andrew Price
Priority Health
Robert Prostko
R.H. Bluestein & Company
Rasul Raheem
Kelly Rankin
Edmund Raubolt
Nancy and John Renick
John Riley
RM Freedman Trust
Barbara Rogers
Kirk Roy
Shant Saroukhanian
Schechter Benefits Advisors
Sepetys & Associates LLC
Susan Sherer and Dave Steinke
Michael Smith and Mary Williams
Chuck and Vicki Snearly
Special Events Rental
Judy Staples
Ellen Stephens
Elaine Stermer
Technosports Creative
Time Inc.
Steve and Stacey Tuohy
W3R Consulting
Equilla Wainwright
Donna Walton
Margaret Warner
Weichert Realtors/Cass Realty
Windsor Essex Development
Margaret and John Woodhouse
Zachary and Associates
Abbott Nicholson, P.C.
Steven Abbott
Abc Student Transporation, Inc
Janisse Abrams
David Adams
Matthew Adams and Elizabeth Secord
William Adams
Terence Adderley
David Adler
Aerotek - Southfield Staffing Location
Michael Agnello
Hanan Ajluni
Maximillian and Alexandra Akemann
Katharine Albers
Colleen Allen
Diana Allen
Wilhelmina Allen
Ally Financial Inc.
Nicole Aloe
Dana Alpern
American Express Charitable Fund
Christine Anderson and Michael McGrath
Yvette Anderson
Mary Lu Angelilli
Ryan Angott
Ann Arbor Automotive
Bettye Arrington-Martin and
Jack Martin
Helen Arsenault
Frances Babbitt
Gretchen Bachman
Cathie Badalamenti
Marianna and Bennie Bailey
Reginald and Kasia Bailey
Baker & Company Enterprises, Inc.
Robert and Alicia Baker
Robert Baker
Brian Balasia
Carolyn Ball
Cassi and Josh Barron
Brian Bartes
Marla Bartoi
Mark Baughman
Mary Beth Baumeister
Raymond and Grace Bazmore
Carole Beach
Karl and Pamela Bell
Sharon Bellinger
Bemis Elementary School
Benmar & JD Warehouse
Dave Bennedict
Kimberly and James Berry
Black United Fund of Michigan, Inc.
William Blaylock
Terry Bone
Cynthia and Julian Bowen
Marletta M. Boyd II
Kathleen Brazzle
Bread of Heaven Ministries
Kelly Breckenridge
Barbara and Leo Brennan
John Brennan
Patricia E. Breslin
Cathy Brock
Kevin and Catharine Broderick
Nicole Brown
Stephen Brown
Kenneth Bruchanski
William Brukoff and Ada Kerwin
Jennifer and Ralph Bryant
Chris Buchanan
Jennifer and Thomas Buda
Sean Bumstead
Darin Burns
Lisa Butler
Kevin Byrnes
Dede and Brian Cadieux
Joseph Callahan
Dorothy Campbell
Sarah Cantu
Marisa Carandino
Tim and Lorrayne Carless
Roxanne Carr
Michael Carroll
Perry and James Carroll
Nancy Carty McDevitt
Dana Casson
Timothy Cenowa
Maureen Cervone
Robert and Rose Chaldecott
Suzanne Chandler
Amy Chesterton
Gerald Chiddick
Marshella Chidester
Jennifer and William Chope
Eric Cionka
Elbert Clark
Scott Clemons
Megan Clor and Jack Scicluna
Anthony Colarossi
Crystal Coleman
Daniel Connell
Martha Connolly
Mary and Robert Conway
Doree Cook
Heath Cook
William Cook
Ann and Ralph Cooper
Mark Cooper
William Corfield
Correll Associates
Lynda Crawford-Parham
Maria Cross
Roberta Cross
Susanne and Christopher Crysler
George Cuff
Glenn Curtis
Martin Cygan
John Daly
Kathy Davidson
David Davis
Sharon Davis
Mary Jo Dawson
Maria and Alfonso DeFrancisco
Scott Delcomyn
Dave Delia
Tim Demos
Dental Spa
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Peter and Peggy Dettlinger
Dawn Dib
Suzanne Dibble
Ronald Dickerson
Kerry and Diane Dillard
Jennifer and Richard Dirksen
Katie Dirksen
Rosemary Dirksen
Donald and Jennifer Dismuke
Mason Dixon
Robert Djurovic
Hammie Dogan
Bryan Domagalski
Kenneth Donaldson
Shelia Donaldson
Dave Donoghue
Carole Donovan
John and Alicia Donovan
Rachele Downs
Richard Dusky
Myra Ebarb
Marjorie Ebejer
Madalyn Eberhardt
Charles and Patricia Edmonson
Benjamin Edwards
Charles Edwards
Hilrie Edwards
Viola Edwards
Lauren Eisbrenner
Alex and Lilian Erdeljan
Porscha and Kevin Fair
Jennifer and John Fauster
John and Sharon Ferchill
Jeff Ferguson
Lynn Ferris
Sandy Fester
Maureen Finnigan
David and Jennifer Fischer
Bill Fisher
Laura Fishman
Jon Fitzgerald
Erin Fitzgibbon
Celeste and Hans Flick
Scott and Amy Flood
Linda Flower-McCann
Shirley and Peter Fortune
Michelle Foster
Mary Foucard
Kristine and Eric Francois
Tonia Franks
Kenneth and Jennifer Fruehauf
Pamela Galloway
Jeannine P. Gant
Javier Garcia
Randy Gasser
John and Cyndi Gave
GE Foundation
Derek Gemmel
Katie Giesting
Susan and William Gilbride
Walter and Carol Giles
Shawn Gill
David and Deborah Gillespie
Pierre Gilliam
Allan Gilmour and Eric Jirgens
Rebekah Gilroy
Joella Gipson
Douglas Glazier
Andrea Glos
Karla Goetz
Lynda Gordon
Devin Gough
Irene Grabowski
Alan Grams
Steven Grant
Betty Gray
Carolyn Gray
Kelly Gregory
Tera Griffin
Thomas and Elizabeth Griffith
Jean Griggs
Michael Grodus
Lynn Gross
John and Dana Hahn
Tamara Hairston
Molly Hall
Terence Hamilton
Dennis Hanson
Daniel Harmon
Jennifer Harmon
John Harris
Albert Heiter
Theresa Henderson Jackson
Maurice Henderson
Mary Jo Hermiller
Jennifer Hichme
Mark and Janette High
Hill PTO
Fred Hill
Shawn Hill
Charmaine Hines
Janet Hirth
Rita Hoekstra
Alix Hollis
Patricia and Kenneth Hollowell
Honest John's Bar & Grill, Inc.
Lynne Hopkins
Angela Horvath
Hour Media, LLC
Becky Howard
Julie Howe
Dennis Howell
Lisa Howze
Arthur Hudson
Gene Hudson
Laura and Charles Huebner
Kevin and Jackie Hurley
Therese Iglesias
Brian and Martha Ingalls
Iroquois Avenue Christ Lutheran
Rizwan Jafry
Alesia James
Jean Wright and
Joseph L. Hudson Jr. Fund
Delia Jeter-Walker
Jean and Ollie Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Linda Johnson
Jason Jones
John and Ruth Jones
Tonia Jones
Jerry Jones-Davis
Lee and Jane Juett
Dina Kakish
Alissa Karbel
Robert and Hazel Karbel
Rachel Kasul
Joe and Patricia Keller
Mariana Keros
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